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Who Is Christa Tichy?

A parent, female Master Electrician, humanitarian, and 20-year Montgomery County resident, Christa embraces the challenges and commitment it takes to serve this County. She is dedicated to the values of our community and is committed to transparency that leads to trust.


Christa's platform builds on her vision to address the most pressing challenges facing the county. She is focused on education, affordable housing and health, diverse economic approaches offering opportunities for all, efficient travel and transportation, a sustainable environment, adaptable growth, and public safety.


Christa's educational vision includes creating trade schools and curricula that offer our students choices beyond the traditional college path. Not everyone is meant for college. More choices would provide the potential for economic success for more students. More and better-trained tradespeople would be a boon to the county as well.


Environmental stewardship is a critical concern. Christa envisions expanding our recycling centers and their ability to serve our community both safely and conveniently. She sees the county phasing out the use of plastics in favor of eco-friendly materials, and creating programs that turn food waste into biofuels. She would provide charging stations for electric vehicles, tax incentives for EV purchases, and promote the use of solar shingles in new construction.


Christa believes the focus of our police should be service to the community and keeping residents safe. She is committed to providing mental health training as well as dedicated mental health professionals to work with MCPS and MCPD. The ultimate goal is to restore a trusting relationship between the police and county residents.


These are just a few of Christa's big ideas. Dig deeper into this site for even more.

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